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Lock function for done drawings


Catchbook has a lot of very intuitive and helpful tools such as scribble delete and auto snap. However it will be nice to have a lock function to exclude my finished drawings from being affected by such functions.  This way as i progress in my drawing i can draw on top of my finished work without changing them in any way. 

Siemens Legend

Hi @AmyC01, Thanks for taking the time to post this request!

We are getting a number of requests along these lines.  At the moment you can put an image into "Trace Mode" that stops it from moving to make tracing over it easier.  Providing a simple lock or layer mechanism is something we are discussion at the moment.



Siemens Pioneer

Agreed - I'd like to see it as an option in the grouping of geometry. You can group stuff to make an object but it can still get deformed when you draw near it.




I would like to use a (simple) layer mechanism:


You can represent every layer by a named tab. Only the actual marked tab is active. If it is the first and if there is only one layer, it will be the default active layer. Options for every layer are: active, locked, visible, invisible. All the transparent visible layers should be printable.


I think, that will be a nice project for a bigger CATCHBOOK.