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Realtime screen sharing and drawing "simultaneous"

Siemens Theorist Siemens Theorist
Siemens Theorist

There are 3 users that shares the same "Catchbook screen" on 3 different tablets. The screen updates instantaneous.

The users shares the same Catchbook image all the time. They can contribute one after each other.

They contribute together to the final sketch in real time.

Siemens Legend

@msig1x - nice idea!  We are tracking this as a future enhancement candidate.  Where would you expect the collaboration data to be stored (e.g. Teamcenter)?  Do you use any tools to collaborate like this today (e.g. OneNote)?

Siemens Theorist

@TJBuchanan Thank you very much. I would expect to be stored as an universal/general format in order to be easily import/export without loosing the information. I would expect to be shared easly with Sharepoint / Cloud / too.