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Symbol Library / Import of DXF resp. SVG symbols

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear Catchbook users,


maybe it would be helpfully to add a kind of Symbol library to Catchbook?

My initial idea about a possible business case application for Catchbook was the Dairy parlor concept definition phase on the customer site. That means a sales man is discussing various parlor and dairy farm design concepts with the customer. During this process the sales man should be able to sketch a raw layout of the future dairy farm for the customer. In this stage hewhas to pick up the raw dimensions of the available yard and maybe the raw dimensions of the available stall building. Now he has to place various 2D symbols of Dairy Farm products in the foundation sketch to discuss with the farmer various concepts. To achieve this it would be helpfully to have a kind of a “Symbol Library” in Catchbook, which can be populated with DXF / SVG sketches upfront.







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Good idea @MAhrens. We'll look into it.


this will be very helpful for all users. Exporting DXF is still possible. Why not importing DXF. For me this one of the most useful enhancements and helps catchbook to become one of the most succesful apps in this category.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I would love some kind of importing feature (DXF, SVG, or PDF).

Just take a existing drawing from CAD and sketch ideas on it.