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Team collaboration features

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I think this speaks for itself. All modern features to collaborate together. Share, comment, viewer only (no costs), review, use as whiteboard....

Siemens Legend

Thanks for raising this important topic @BPD.   Sharing and reviewing content has always been a central part of our Catchbook vision.   


Do you have any preferred tool or app for commenting on or chatting about drawings today? (Slack, Instant Messenger, etc.) 


For whiteboards, Catchbook should run on any size device you have.  Infact, we're currently working through some enhancements to improve the experience on the enourmous Microsoft Hub.


BTW - Anyone can download Catchbook and open up .cb files for viewing without having to make a Catchbook is its own free viewer!



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thanks Tom, 


sorry for the late respond,  but I have not received any notification.

It would be nice if Catchbook could be the collaborative whiteboard App during a telephone or skype call. I often need to discuss things during meetings. 

Another way would be to directly integrate share via E-mail.