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Various Feature Requests


Here are some features that I think will improve catchbook:

  1. A Fill / Paint bucket tool for shapes
  2. Draw some pre defined shapes (Start arrows etc)
  3. Text Tool
  4. Add constraints that are persistent (Eg parallel, concentric, perpendicular)
  5. Make all icons visible or have this as a setting, there are not a lot to have them always visible. Hiding them requires unnecesary extra clicks on teh three dots ...




Really love the app. Would really help if the canvas size was bigger. I use the app to design gardens and struggle to fit everything in!


I would love the above features too.

Siemens Legend

Hi @Alasdair, @JamesFarmer & @pattyedge,

Thanks for your feedback.  An update on where we are at with some of these requests...


1. Area fill is work in progress.  We are making it so that the filled regions will update as you edit your curves which requires a bit more work!

2. Pre-defined shapes are still limited to polygons (draw something close to a square to see this kick in - you get a square, not a rectangle).

3. Text tool is work in progress and well underway - it doesn't look like it will make it to the next update, but it should be there in the one after that!

4. Persisted constraints always pop-up as a request, but we push back quite hard on it.  The reason is that if we support persisting constraints we have little choice but to expose the full complexity of the constraints network (overconstrained, conflicting, etc.).  We have made some improvements in the next update (1.5) so that when you are working with simple rectangular shapes, any dimensions you have typed a value for are a lot less likely to be overridden.  You will also see a graphical representation of some constraints when they snap during create and edit.

5. We try to guess which icon is the most likely one you will use...making it easier to change colour is something that we have discussed.  Are there any that you find you have to frequently expanding to get to?



A fill tool would be a top priority for me, with gradients or at least opacity options. Thank you, developers.

  1. A Fill / Paint bucket tool for shapes
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