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"Virtually Painting" with free human gesture recognition using acceleration sensor of the Android

Siemens Theorist Siemens Theorist
Siemens Theorist

Based on the internal acceleration sensor I could create images/drawings just moving the hand and "paint".

Using hand gesture like, rotate the hand in circle and I have the drawing of a circle. I want a rectangle I have to move the hand and drawing virtually a rectangle.


If it's too heavy the Smartphone( and this could be happend) and with faster gesture, the smartphone can fly Smiley Happy .... you can use the PEN incorporated. And you will draw virtually in the air and the acceleration sensor will transmit in real time the position/coordinates to the tablet/Catchbook. 

Using slow motion gesture with the Smartphone in hand the line it will be thinner but moving slowly it will be thicker.

In order to erase everything I have to shake it stronger and the drawing/"painting" is clean.

Siemens Legend

Creative ideas @msig1x. We have seen artistic apps that take advantage of freespace gestures, but we always find it to be too imprecise for accurate drawing.