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Catchbook Ideas Share - Got a Great Idea? Tell Us About It!

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Community Manager

ipad.pngGot an idea on how to make Catchbook even better? Share it with the community! Catchbook Ideas Share is the place to submit your ideas for new and improved experiences in the Catchbook app. You can check out other people’s ideas, give feedback, ask for more info, or even vote on your favorites. If you think you have a great idea, get as many people as you can to vote for it! Ideas Share is all about the power of community and conversation.


We do have some guidelines to make the most of your experience here:


We welcome your ideas as they help us to keep track of what’s important to you. The Ideas Share isn’t meant to be a to-do list for the Catchbook product development team. It’s a way for the public to engage in conversations on how to improve Catchbook and identify needs we haven’t yet met! We encourage you to join the discussions.


Search existing ideas.

Great minds think alike. Someone may have already submitted your idea, so be sure to check first before you post. If your idea is already out there, show it some love! Vote on it and encourage others to do so too.


Submit one idea per post.

Now that you’ve searched and don’t see your idea in the community, you are ready to post! Please include only one idea per submission. It helps your fellow community members when voting and offering feedback.


Support other people’s ideas too!

Check out what other people are proposing from time to time. There are some great ideas out there that you may not have even thought of! That’s the power of the ideation platform. Be sure to comment and vote on the ones you like.


Keep it clear and concise.

The clearer you are in explaining your idea, the better the community will be able to understand—thus, the more likely they are to vote and comment on your idea!

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