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Drawing and Editing Curves Help Videos

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Catchbook turns hand drawn strokes into curves that you can edit. 



These 4 videos take you through the basics of how to create and edit curves in Catchbook.


When you draw "ink" on the screen with your finger or stylus, Catchbook works out what curves best fit the path you have drawn and connects them all up.  You can then edit these curves to get exactly the right shape. Hint: turn on the recognition button (the trianglular one) on the main toolbar to turn your ink into curves as you draw.


Drawing curves:

(view in My Videos)


Editing curves:

(view in My Videos)


More curve editing. Hint - Double tap to change circles into ellipses and lines into arcs:

(view in My Videos)


Move, rotate and scale objects in Catchbook:

(view in My Videos)


Visit the Catchbook page for more info! 




I just noticed this evening that in the Adv Curve Edit video that you shook a curve to disconnect it from the other curves! That's pretty cool.


And if you didn't watch this video you should..did you know you can convert a line to an arc? Try that in CAD sketcher environment!