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How to Add Images and Trace Over Them - Help Video

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Catchbook lets you insert images from your gallery, the cloud and by taking photos.



Once an image has been inserted, you can make it a trace image.  This increases the image's transparency and pins it to the background, thus allowing you to draw or trace over it! 


Watch this video to see how quickly you can start a drawing by tracing over an existing image:

(view in My Videos)


Visit the Catchbook page for more info! 


Can I trace over a photo of a building and then make the perspective orthographic?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @lking


There is currently not a way in Catchbook to switch to an orthographic perspective automatically. You would have to manually draw it that way. 




Thanks. It would really useful for making photos into drawings and I think autodesk sketcher does it. I'm sure you couldn't tell us if it might be in development, could you?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I am not sure whether it is in development, but you're right, I wouldn't be able to say anything regardless Smiley Happy 

@IronManiac @TJBuchanan any comments?