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How to Fix Gaps, Overlaps in Catchbook

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Quite often when drawing there will be gaps an overlaps in what you create.  We've designed Catchbook to make it as easy as possible to fix those quickly. 


There are 2 approaches:


  1. Tap the curve, then drag it to the correct position
  2. Draw over what you have to fill gaps - Catchbook should then fix the geometry for you.  Combined with scribble delete this can be the quickest way to fix small gaps and overlaps.

Here's a quick video I recorded showing the 2 methods:


(view in My Videos)



Hint: Catchbook often gives the best results when you draw curves individually.

Hint: We often notice people drawing really quickly with Catchbook, typically you'll get better results if you are a little slower and more careful than you would be sketching on paper.