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Catchbook Publishing allows you to export selected content, pages or entire Catchbook binders to PDF, SVG, or DXF.  This enables you to quickly use your Catchbook content in other applications to create professional documents, high-end 2D graphics, or use your drawing in a CAD program such as NX or Solid Edge.




Publishing is $2.99 USD/year. Purchase the Saver Pack and get both Publishing and Drawing together for a discounted price.

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I see publishing is 2.99 a year but i'm looking for pricing for the saver pack and drawing together, as well as separate. Could that be made available before accepting terms?

Hi @shearerr,


The Saver pack is $5.99 per year and includes both Drawing and Publishing. Drawing costs $3.99 when purchased separately. Smiley Happy


P.S. These prices are USD of course! 






I purchased Catchbook on my Surface Pro and also subscribed for publishing.  This was done using my hotmail email.


Afterwards, I purchased catchbook to use on my iPad Pro.  I used my Apple ID email, which is different than the one from Microsoft.  I want to know if there is any way to use the publishing subscription from the Microsoft account with the Apple account.






Hi @xdf


Thank you for subscribing to Catchbook! Hope you are enjoying using the app so far Smiley Happy To answer your question, unfortunately there is not a way to use a single subscription across different platforms or OS. This is due to limitations of the platforms themselves (an app you buy on Android can't be used on Apple, for example). I am very sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and if there is anything else I can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact me. 






I purchased the App and bought subscription.  Whenever I try and share a file I get an error on my Samsung S8.  Unable to add attachment due to IO error.  I tried reinstalling.  I want to be able to try and select a different email client and see if it is the phone/email issue.  However my email preference now that it is saved I cannot choose a different email app.  How do i remove the email defaullt that I originally selected?


I have tried to purchase the app on microsoft store. Howevere, it is not available to the Maldives store and I could not purchase it through US store as my paypal or Card address is in Maldives. 


Is there any option to purchase it through Siemens? I really need this app. I have been looking for such an app for quite long time.