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What is Catchbook?

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Smarter than your average drawing app, Catchbook leverages expert CAD technology to help you draw better. Let's face it, most of us aren't great artists. But when it comes to conceptualization, sketches are one of the biggest ways in which people communicate and plan out their ideas. 


Catchbook helps you to get your ideas down quickly and accurately. Read on to learn more about the great functionality in Catchbook that make this the best drawing app!


Draw freehand with your finger or stylus, or let Catchbook use Drawing Recognition to transform your ink into precise curves you can push, pull, move and snap.
- Scribble to erase curves or text
- Jot notes freehand
- Insert images and trace over them
- Place and edit dimensions with a tap of a finger using Dimensioning
- Push and pull to edit curves
- “Shake and break” drawing connections


Share your ideas and inspire people anywhere. Show off your latest project, get feedback, or collaborate with a team.
- Export pages or entire Catchbook binders
- Export content as PNG
- Use Publishing** to send content as PDF, SVG, or DXF
- Send files via email


Succeed with Catchbook at home, work, school—anywhere your ideas take you.  With Catchbook you can capture and present your concepts cleanly and accurately, and easily edit them at any time.Simple enough for a child, yet powerful enough for an engineer, Catchbook works for everyone in between.


Watch the video to see the power of Catchbook for yourself!


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