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What’s New in Catchbook 1.3


App Icon.pngCatchbook version 1.3 brings you what are sure to be some welcome changes! You’ll notice a number of cool new features, as well as many highly requested improvements, all designed to make you even more productive as you draw, capture, and share ideas.


We are also expanding availability to 5 new countries. If you live in Austria, Brazil, India, Mexico, or Korea, you can download Catchbook and start using the app today! 


Among the many changes you’ll see are an easier way to get started with Catchbook thanks to a new approach to trial (no subscription required!) and improved customer assistance. You also get more control over drawing accuracy including an easy way to change dimensions by increments.


See the release notes below for the full list of updates and changes.

 Dimensions - iPad Pro.jpg

Here’s what’s new in Catchbook version 1.3:


Exciting New Functionality

  • Free-trial drawing page – new users can try out Catchbook without having to subscribe!
  • Tooltips – see a description of what any button does simply by press-holding on the button, or by hovering over it with an active stylus
  • Snap by increments - changing the zoom level will now also set the “drawing accuracy” used during curve creation and editing
    • Snap dimensions to the drawing accuracy – when editing your curves you can now interactively snap a dimension to exact increments, such as every 10mm
    • Snap newly drawn curves to the drawing accuracy – for example create a line with a length of 25.2 rather than 25.19347

More than 25 useful enhancements and fixes:

  • Quick access to the most-used context menu commands
  • Automatically fit the page to the screen size when loading a binder
  • Include the option to fit the page to 1:1 scale when double-tapping the background
  • Improved default location of small dimensions and radial dimensions
  • Support horizontal and vertical dimensions between ellipses
  • Improve drawing and image display performance for certain devices
  • Support access to all Wi-Fi networks
  • Insert images at useful sizes
  • Issue when rotating curve sets
  • Issue with circle rotation and diameter snapping
  • Issue with concentric snapping of circles
  • Crash when editing ellipse
  • Inadvertent page rescaling
  • Crash on resize
  • Dimensions resizing when transferring across devices
  • Crash on dimension edit
  • Corrected diameter symbol
  • Inconsistent zoom behavior
  • Inadvertently fit page when double tapping on menu bars
  • Page previews not updating in navigator
  • Incorrect button text display in tutorials
  • Cropped buttons in navigator
  • Crash on ink-to-curve conversion
  • Crash when opening binder
  • Crash on first launchCrash when opening binder Crash




Community Manager, Solid Edge
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I noticed that when I opened my binder that the images lost their scale factors and were reset. Running on Surface Pro 3 Windows 10.


Thanks for letting us know, Ryan. I'll see if anyone can offer a solution. 






It turns out this a new issue we have not seen yet. Could you please send an example Catchbook file to so we can investigate and work with you to provide a solution? 





Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

At Google Play - Item not awailable in my country? Lithuania to be exact. Why?


Hi @dziubelis,


We are doing our best to make Catchbook available in as many countries as possible, but as you have noticed, at the moment Catchbook is only available in certain countries (see the full list here). The reason for this is tax obligations.


The app stores represent a new channel for us, and we have to make sure that taxes are remitted appropriately in every country where Catchbook is sold. In some cases the app stores handle taxes for us, but unfortunately this is for only a handful of countries. Even in the cases where the stores handle taxes for us, we have to make sure that the accounting is received/recorded correctly, and this slows down our ability to add new countries quickly. When the app stores do not handle taxes we have to do it ourselves, and that becomes problematic when we do not have a legal entity within a particulary country. 


Rest assured we are working hard to bring Catchbook to everyone globally as fast as possible! 




Amy Reyes 

Catchbook Marketing & Community Manager