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“Engineering Design, Modeling, and Graphics” by Dr. Greg Jensen

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The first set of a series of video lectures on “Engineering Design, Modeling, and Graphics” by Dr. Greg Jensen is now available online. After teaching mechanical design, modeling and graphics for 32+ years at Brigham Young University (BYU), Dr. Jensen retired in 2015 and is now creating online instructional materials for new and aspiring mechanical, aerospace, and automotive engineers. As an Adjunct Professor, he has created the first twenty-four (24) of a planned eighty (80) set of informative videos covering key engineering subjects, including Engineering Design, CAD Modeling, and the graphics language of Standard and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. This free video introduction to this online STEM course is accessible to everyone through the YouTube channel CAD Modeling Hub.  



These videos are aimed at the freshman and sophomore level engineering student. Beginning with an introduction to engineering graphics, topics such as orthographic projections, dimensioning standards, 3D modeling, freehand sketching, drafting are covered as the video series progresses.



All topics are taught in the context of learning and understanding computer-aided design (CAD), the reading of engineering part and assembly drawings, and graphics communication. Examples generated using NX software are scattered throughout the videos.   This educational course teaches core ASME and ISO design and drafting standards. The dedicated student will learn how to create and model 3D mechanical parts and assemblies, and how to create and annotate their designs into part and assembly working drawings. Dr. Jensen’s plan is to continue adding these short videos until the playlist “Engineering Design, Modeling and Graphics” contains the material equivalent of his past 3-credit hour BYU ME 172 course. To stay up-to-date with the latest posts and instructional materials visit CAD Modeling Hub.