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Mechanical Engineering CAx course materials from BYU

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Community Manager

Dr. Greg Jensen provided us with his Mechanical Engineering 471 course materials to share with the eudcator community. The course is called Computer Aided Engineering Applications and is a junior/senior level engineering course.


Attached are five files:

  1. Course syllabus, which includes course outcomes, objectives, homework
  2. Lecture schedule, which highlights how he moves students from a PLM overview to modeling to FEA and CFD.
  3. Lab schedule, which outlines corresponding labs to lecture topics.
  4. Final project description, which is an interesting real-world challenge for a student team. They work with classmates to model, redesign, analyze, and prototype a remote control vehicle.
  5. Final presentation evaluation, which shows how the projects are scored.

Feel free to connect with professor Jensen with questions.


Please share any course materials your peers could benefit from in this forum.