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Calling all LMS users! We now have a "home" for you

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Community Admin



Happy to announce we now have a section for all our LMS users here on the community. The LMS section provides a great way to collaborate with users from the System Simulation, 3D Simulation and Testing products.



You will find a forum and blog dedicated to each. We've provided links to each area for your convenience.  


  • LMS System Simulation Solutions forum and blog with topics related to mechatronic system simulation and MBSE
  • LMS 3D Simulation Solutions forum and blog with topics related to 3D simulation, LMS Virtual.Lab and LMS Samtech
  • LMS Testing Solutions forum and blog with topics related to testing software and hardware solutions



In addition to these areas, the LMS team will also have a General Blog, Knowledge Base and Downloadables area. And don't forget you can subscribe to any one of these area through Community Subscription (immediate, daily and weekly emails managed via "my settings") or you can subscribe via RSS. Either of these can be found in the "options" menu. 


We have two Community Managers who will be keeping house. Pleased to introduce you to @JulieErcolaniP and @AllisonFassin. Should you have any questions, want to be a guest blog author or have an article for the knowledge base, these two lovely ladies will be able to help you. They, and other members of the LMS team, have been busy writing several blog articles that went live today. Be sure to read up on all the great LMS news. I was particularly happy to learn that turboprop airplanes are becoming less noisey. Read more about that in @KoenDeLanghe's article Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.And if anything electronic perks your ears, you will want to read @OlgaK's article on the more electric aircraft



Welcome to all our LMS users! We hope you find the community a source of information and knowledge and we hope you become more proficient using our software because of your participation in the LMS community!

Siemens Genius

I am looking forward to see the possibilities given by this new (to us) platform.Man Happy

Siemens Visionary

Great way to share our knowledge!!!