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More details on the new Siemens PLM Software Community

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin

Hello everyone!


As I announced in my private message to you all, our community will relaunch on a new platform on August 25th of this year. I want to expand on my message a bit and provide some more details.


What is happening?

We are migrating our forums, groups, knowledge bases, contests, and idea exchanges to Salesforce Community Cloud. We are migrating our blogs to Wordpress. The two areas will remain separate at launch, but we plan to integrate them in the future. The rest of this article documents changes as they pertain to Salesforce Community Cloud only. Details on changes pertaining to the migration to Wordpress will come at a later date.


Why is this happening?

Primarily: It is a platform upgrade to address a lot of the issues, quirks, bugs, deficiencies, and errors that you and Siemens have struggled with over the last six years or so. This migration also lays a critical foundation for some of our future plans for improving the community and overall customer experience. 


Partially: It is a clean-up exercise. We’ve got an overwhelming amount of content and users from not only the last six years, but all the years of GTAC forums before that. We want to streamline and refresh our content and user experience to ensure you are getting the latest and most relevant information.


What about accounts?

If your account is associated with at least one post, your account will be migrated. You will login using the exact same Webkey account you use to login to our community today. Some of you have duplicate accounts – we will merge these accounts as best as we can by giving preference to the account you most recently logged into.


If your account has never made a single post, your account will not be migrated. We will create a new account for you upon your first login.


What about profile information?

Many profile statistics cannot be migrated due to differences between the platforms. The main fields that will migrate are username, first and last name, Webkey ID, and email address. Registration date, last login date, et cetera cannot be migrated. 


Our badges and ranking system is being refreshed so to be fair, everyone is starting over. If you’re an active member, it won’t take you very long to re-earn your equivalent rank in our old community.


New: Simplified and expanded ranking system. Certain badges can be given to users by other users to show appreciation. A special badge for high-ranking members on the old community. Users can be endorsed by other users as knowledgeable about topics.  We appreciate your passion for our products and contributions and look forward to seeing you ascend our leaderboards!


What about posts?

All of your posts (within the parameters we’ve determined) will be migrated and linked to your community profile. Some post data such as posted date and accepted solution status will migrate. Some post data such as kudos cannot be migrated.


New: Kudos are now called “Likes”. Accepted solutions are now called “Best Answer”. Labels are now called “Topics,” and cross-posting is supported. There are three types of posts now – discussions, questions, and polls. 


What about images?

All of the images you’ve uploaded to posts will migrate. Your current avatar will migrate. Any other images you’ve uploaded directly to your profile (such as old profile pictures) cannot be migrated.


What about videos?

Videos that were hosted on an external site such as YouTube and embedded into a post will migrate. Videos that were uploaded directly to the post will not migrate. We are currently investigating a solution to this and will post updates in our community feedback group as we have them. 


What about private messages?

Private messages will not migrate.


New: The private messenger supports WYSIWYG, threading, group messaging, and has a much-improved editor and interface.


What about attachments?

All attachments to posts will migrate. For knowledge base articles with multiple attachments, the attachments will be consolidated into a ZIP file. 


New: All file types are now allowed, and file size will be clearly visible.


What about subscriptions?

Due to differences in platforms, subscriptions cannot be migrated. 

New: The subscription function is called “Follow”. You can follow topics and users to build a personalized update feed on your homepage. We feel this is a great opportunity for you to browse our new community topics and follow what matters to you.


What are some other new features?

  • Recent notifications can be accessed from a dropdown on any page
  • More powerful and comprehensive searching across topics, discussions, articles, and people
  • New member directory allows you to quickly find experts or users in your country, industry, et cetera
  • New featured members functionality
  • Simplified leaderboards tied to ranking system
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Clean, modern UI


Why isn’t XYZ being migrated?

Anyone who works in data migration knows that creating a 1:1 mirror is impossible. The technical and functional differences in the platforms prevent us from migrating everything. However, great care has been taken to ensure that what is *most* important – our users and their content – are migrated to the best of our technical capabilities. 


I have feedback/questions about this.

A special area will be available in the community upon launch for you to leave public feedback and questions on the changes. At any time, before launch or after launch, you can leave comments on this article or private message me directly. 


And finally, a preview of your new homepage:20190808_communityhomepage.png




Thank you for your support during this exciting time!


More to come,


Siemens Phenom

What about videos?

Videos that were hosted on an external site such as YouTube and embedded into a post will migrate. Videos that were uploaded directly to the post will not migrate. We are currently investigating a solution to this and will post updates in our community feedback group as we have them. 

Count of forum posts (overall community) as well as KB articles is high where videos are embedded directly. Not having these videos after the migration will be a great loss. We hope that it will be available. Excited to see it, Eyes on the calendarSmiley Very Happy

Solution Partner Legend

Will the URL change?

Community Admin

@Sebastian5050  the URL itself will change, but our current URL will also redirect to the new community for quite some time. 

Siemens Phenom

Is not clear to me which data/articles will be migrated and which not. Please be aware that a few years old article can still be useful and is still referenced.


Also if there are links in one article or blog to another article or blog will those URLs be updated or reference the original URL, which I assume will then redirect to Salesforce or Wordpress ?

Community Admin

@StevenVickers More or less all forum, group, and TKB content will be migrated, with the exception of archived areas (that nobody has access to anyway).  Our Academic Student Design Contest will be migrated but no other contests. Ideas Exchanges will not be migrated. Blogs will be migrated but to a separate platform (Wordpress). 


We are implementing server redirects to ensure no links are broken.