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Understanding Your Profile

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin

I’d like to highlight the our reputation system in order to help you get more familiar with how you can advance in our community, earn rewards, and help you understand the profiles of your peers.

The Siemens PLM Community recognizes a wide variety of behaviors all in hopes of fostering quality discussion and support among members of our community. The more quality contributions you make, the higher you will rank. Such ideas influence our ranking and badging components.


EsteemedContributor.pngWhat are ranks?Rank Structure.png

When we first launched the Community, I was asked, what is a “dreamer” and why do I have that title? How do I change it? Dreamer is just one of our 16 ranks that you will receive on your journey with us in the Siemens PLM Community. Today, we are implementing a visual way to explain the rank structure so you can easily identify serious veterans vs new members.

The ranking icon that now appears on the right of your username is one of the core components of feedback. The number of bars and stars correlate with how far you are along the 16 ranks in the structure. The three different colors, green, blue, and orange, represent passive, active, and quality participation respectively. As you continue to post, receive kudos, and increase in the number of accepted solutions, you continue to move up in ranks. Whenever you move from types of participation, you graduate with a star to finish off the tier and begin with a new color. All participants start off with the Dreamer ranking upon logging in.

To be clear, a Community rank does not reflect the knowledge that a user has with our software. While some newer members of our Community may be a seasoned user, everyone benefits from the knowledge that is shared, including those that have a higher rank. The higher rank simply means you’ve been around the block, or in this case, the Community. The purpose of the rank is for everyone to know who may need a little help navigating the Community or how and where to post questions. 

NOTE: Creating a Signature also provides other users beneficial information when trying to help answer your question.


Why do some people have an icon to the left of their name?

The many icons on the left of usernames showcase various roles in the community. Siemens employees will all have favicon.ico . Other roles, such as Partners, will have PartnerLogo.jpg, those that are members of the PLM World will have PLM World and Admins will have Admin . These roles come into play for administrative purposes and to illustrate members of our user group.


What are badges?
Another core component of your profile is our badges feature we launch in January. You’ll be able to earn badges for positive behavior in the community. Take for example, your first post earns you a “First Topic” Badge. We won’t be revealing all the badges we have in store (Who earned the PLMCONX15 Badge?) but the more you value others and the more they value you, the more badges you will accumulate. Make sure to read my other post about badges.

What are category experts?
Each of the main product categories – NX Design, NX for Manufacturing, Solid Edge, etc – now have a section that displays a leaderboard of experts. This section will help you track down those community members who have been providing the most helpful answers to others. Category experts can be a mix of users, Partners and Siemens employees. Expert status is earned through a formula of kudos and quality answers as marked by peers. This list will vary according to each board.

How can I contribute?
Post, answer questions, give kudos, and ask to write a guest blog post. The type of contribution and interaction is crucial. Providing solutions or routing members to interesting pages foster a community striving to encourage knowledge building. Your thoughtfulness and helpfulness will determine your journey from passive, active, to quality classes.

How do I know my current status in the community?
To see how you rank in the community, simply navigate to your profile with this explanation in mind.


Now what? Ready. Set. Go.


Siemens Phenom

@SusanCinadr , is Rank Structure up to date? I saw somewhere VIP rank also.



I fear I have  a beginner question.


Yesterday I created a topic, the first time that went wrong because of timeout issues (it took me some time to prepare the text). I stil did have the text so I could enter it in a new session and create the topic. That I got a "first topic" notification" in my mailbox gave me the confirmation the topic did land in the forum.


This morning I wanted to check the responses but I cannot find the topic anywhere. Thinking I am becoming mad I am trying to find it. One of the approaches I choose was looking in my profile for recent activity. But I cannot find it there as well, And I doubt if topics as such are listed in the profile in the first place. 


I have because of this

  1. Can you confirm own topics are not listed in the profile?
  2. Is there a newbie corner for questions of new members (I still have to find my topic?  



Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @fnmul,


I can see two relevant things on my profile.

All my "Latest Posts By...." that I have made, or contributed to on the community site.....and the one that might be of most help to you, the "Autosaved Drafts" on the top right of my profile. This is likely only visible to you, when you're logged in, rather than any visitors to your profile.....but with any luck, said extended authoring sessions will be saved, and accessible [if unused, when prompted if you want to load the saved draft] there too.


As to a beginner area....I think everywhere is such a place, in which our community members, and Siemens staff will chime in, as they feel able. For posting topics, the title area should automatically search and suggest similar topics, based on the wording of your pending post's title. Alternatively, use the search tools advanced functionality to drill down and see what other topics there are.




Thank you for your swift reply!


I was able to copy the text into a textdocument (my experience with long texts and web environmentsSmiley Wink), so I can re-enter the topic when needed, only the exact title I do not have any more. I only want to prevent to spam this site with unnecessary identical topics.


I did check and search the forum(s) already, and in the Autosaved Drafts the post was not available either. Are initial topic posts listed in the My latest posts as well? Some forums/communities make use of bots that automatically, responding to contents, put topics into a waiting room for manual verification. Do you know contect is checked like that over here? I would not expect it, while the forum is for a very specific group of users.


The most probable however was a failing session (IE...) yesterday on my side, the doubt came in while the site did confirm my first topic.


I will search a bit further, and if not found re-enter the topic.


Edit: the topic has been marked as spam, so probably a bot. Going to put this right.