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Allow Copy-Pasting Images in messages

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Clicking the Photos button and browsing to images then waiting the image to load and finally clicking Done is a painful and time consuming process.


Please allow simple copy-pasting from clipboard into the message.


This would be a great relief and will also encourage users to use more images in their replies making the posts more useful and clearer.


The pasted image can then be automatically be stored to the user's profile as is done currently.




Re: Allow Copy-Pasting Images in messages


Yes, this should be done in a way that images with a certain filesize and dimensions would be restricted. Rest are allowed.

Re: Allow Copy-Pasting Images in messages

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin
@fsarim @Tushar I agree with you that that would be much easier for users and increase image sharing, but we are kind of at the mercy of the platform vendor to implement that option. It looks like another one of the vendor's customers submitted this as an idea a few months ago and it's "acknowledged" right now.

Re: Allow Copy-Pasting Images in messages

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom


This is not a new topic.

It was taken up 4 yrs back

Seems it was left open without any conclusion.


But glad to know that it is noticed by the platform provider.


The current process is not bad at all, especially for forum users who won't insert more than a couple of images in a post and not every post need an image.

This request would come only from a handful of prolific users, especially like me who post a blog article every week which typically contains 10-15 images.

But, this is a good-to-have feature.


So I am not hoping even the vendor would assign any kind of top priority,


Thanks for following up.