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Change the way pictures are handled


It is very hard to see embedded pictures on the message board. Pictures do not expand if you click on them, and the message board layout is already squished down very small, meaning you have to zoom in on your browser to see detail in them.


See this thread for an example:


An option to expand the image to full/original size when clicked, such as most all forums have these days, would be very helpful.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Change the way pictures are handled

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Dylan, Thanks for this GREAT suggestion. I haven't found an option for this but asked my contacts at the platform provider to see if there is somethign we can do. Long term, as we work on the redesign of the layout and skin of the site, this will correct itself but I am trying to find something we can implement now to fix this. 


I will post back here once I have an answer for you. 


Thanks for all you participation on the community, it is much appreciated!





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Re: Change the way pictures are handled


Thanks Susan. Step by step, it is getting there!

-Dylan Gondyke
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