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Confusing threads

To anyone who can read this and make heads or tails of the conversation without having to expand several items and look at timestamps, I'll give you a dollar.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Confusing threads

**bleep** moolah for me.
This is repeated on many a's just stupid. Why even have them if you have to expand them. No logical comment threads should be hidden away by default, nor this confusing!
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Re: Confusing threads

@Chally72 -


We've "fixed" the confusing threads by eliminating the Q&A in favor of just a forum. All Q&A were migrated to the forum last night. Please click on your original link and let me know if it's easier to read.


Note: if you switch your view to Topic instead of Linear, it makes reading the back and forth even better. My Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Format for displaying posts 


Let me know if this works better for you.






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