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Fix the Posting System

I understand you've got some major changes bubbling up soon, and I really, REALLY hope that one of them is to ditch this ridiculous comments on comments system of communication.


Attached are two pictures of my page after responding to ngardner. After submitting my post, it correctly updated the Comments under Sean's post to 2, but did not display my comment. Toggling comments from viewed to hidden and back to viewed did not make my post appear. I had to reload the page to get what you see in image 2, which actually shows what I just entered.


When using chrome and going to topics through email links, as I have mentioned, it gets CONFUSING. Some replies are shown, some are not, some might have comments but you wouldn't know without backing out to the forum and reentering the topic... because the email link brings you to some sort of BS shorthand of the topic that was probably intended to display only the relevant posts, but instead leaves you confused and hitting the refresh button, wondering if you've seen it all. 



And another nice change, which I just thought of and wrote while sitting here inserting pictures, would be to have the reply box able to expand beyond the eyewatering, TINY, horizontally locked size that it currently is on my nice widescreen monitor. It feels like I taped a box to the front of my monitor, cut a 4" hole in it, and am sitting 5 feet away peering through this hole trying to discern what is on my screen!






-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Fix the Posting System

Here's an example of how confusing this posting stuff is. This is a link in a reply notification email I got on a thread. Notice how it displays ONLY Imics response to Ryan, and Ryan's original question. To view the full thread with all replies, I must click on Solid Edge Q&A and then BACK INTO Ryan's thread!


So, what visual cues are there that you're only viewing Imics response, plus the original question? NONE! The Comments tag under Ryan's question is still there, but shows (0), as if there aren't any responses! I don't think there has been a more confusing email link method in the history of web forums. Every forum email link I've ever used has taken me to the FULL THREAD. Some get fancy and auto scroll to the location of the response on the thread page, but none of them chop out all the other responses and give you NO VISUAL INDICATION that this is what they've done!

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Fix the Posting System

@Chally72 - I am going to answer your 2nd post on this thread first, asking about this particular Q&A (link you provided). The link intentionally goes to the accepted solution and not the entire thread. I am going to review how notifications are set up to see if there is something I can change in the notifications. 


What visual cues are there:

First is the check mark. This indicates the question has been answered and an "accepted solution" has been marked. Second, there is a link to "View the entire topic" where you would be able to see everything including your post. You didn't "comment" rather you "answered" the question. RyanM selected Imics answer as the solution. I do know that we can turn on multiple "accepted solutions". Is that somethign of interest to you?



While these are subtle, to say the least, they exist. Hopefully in the redesign we can make the indicators better. I am working with Lithium on the Comments turned on as a default so you can see them. It might take me some time (and a little education with our employees and users to get used to the system). 


Let me know if this answers any of your concerns or if there is something else we can do to help you with using this forum. 





If you find my post helpful, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"

Re: Fix the Posting System

These clues are the most obtuse I have ever seen on an online forum. Newcomers to the forum will not understand the tribal knowledge behind a Checkbox at the top of the page, along with TINY grey text "View Entire Topic" link buried next to a bunch of other tiny grey text between posts, indicating that there is more than what they are currently seeing!


More tribal knowledge and more to have to think about just to make sure you have seen it all in a topic- Answers and Replies are totally separate and can be buried in the grey link sea.


This should be a banner spanning the top of the page that says "You Are Only Viewing The Accepted Answer". Seriously, sit someone down that has never seen this forum before and tell them to look at a Question and tally up all of the replies and answers. Then send them through one of these links and ask them to do the same. If their count is not correct, that's a flashing red warning sign that the layout is burying information beyond the reach of the forum users. If they ARE correct,ask them how much effort they had to exert to figure out the forum layout vs just reading the responses! That'll be your other flashing red warning sign!


Here's a closeup again of where that magic link button is that shows you the entire topic...IF there are more responses/answers that are not accepted answers, which it gives no indication of... I'm 24 years old, but I feel like I'm 60 the way I'm squinting to read that thing!


-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Fix the Posting System

Here you have Dan Staples himself accidentally "Answering" instead of "Replying" to his previous "Answer" comment thread, and the conversation becomes a mess to try and interpret if you are just jumping in.






And here's the link:

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Fix the Posting System

Totally agree with you's even more frustrating when, like I am now, using my phone.....then once commenting on, or answering a post, only to discover you had already done so a month ago, because it just isn't in plain view. To make it worse still, unlike when on a pc, I can not edit/delete a post from a mobile have to pop onto a computer to delete the rogue message.
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