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How would I learn Oracle execution tuning?


Much obliged for A2A. I have been associated with tuning the most complex and refined Oracle Database Servers from the most recent five years so I think I am qualified to answer this inquiry.

Since the inquiry has been asked cite "How would I learn Oracle Performance Tuning", I might want to reply in it's altered frame as "How would I learn Oracle Database Performance Tuning". The word Database is vital in the inquiry else it will prompt an obscure and vague inquiry. If it's not too much trouble recollect that Oracle is the name of a partnership ( association) it is not a s/w or h/w item. The organization bargains in different s/w and h/w items, some of it's h/w items are Oracle Exadata Machines, Oracle Sparc Machines, Oracle HSM, Oracle Storage, Oracle Firewall and different other n/w related items.

While some of it's s/w items are Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle BI arrangements, Oracle Operating Systems, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle Siebel and different others.

I am picking the most prevalent item from prophet i.e. Prophet Database Software it's latest adaptation is Oracle 12c R2.

Tuning Oracle Database is not a one night enchantment, it includes broad learning of the item that accompanies tolerance, encounter which itself comes in the wake of taking care of the convoluted and complex situations.

We can tune the Oracle Server (physical server on which Oracle Database Server Binaries has been introduced) at different levels specifically :


1.Tuning the Oracle Database at OS level

2.Tuning the Oracle Server

3.Tuning the Oracle Database (this includes tuning SQL Queries, Pl/SQL Programs, Instance Tuning, Instance confining, tuning objects, lessening discontinuity, anchored and moved lines, Tuning RMAN Backup, tuning the way DR or HA is actualized )

4.Tuning the Network

5.Tuning the Storage


Each level has different approaches to tune and relies upon the situation, need and framework accessible.

So to learn PT initially attempt to build your insight by perusing Oracle Manuals, Books, Oracle White Papers, Oracle Database 2 Day + Performance Tuning Guide and always utilize your procured information to take care of basic issues.

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