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LMS forum

So, now that all the LMS customers are migrated to this forum, can we please have a LMS forum, or an Amesim / Virtual Lab / .... forum, whatever you want to call it?


(former) LMS users, speak up! What software do you use, and would you like to see a forum for that?


As for myself: I use Virtual Lab occasionally, and have only just touched upon Amesim. I work in automotive, more specifically: heavy duty engine development. I hope to see some fellow software users here!


Re: LMS forum

I fully agree, a discussion forum for Imagine.Lab (or AMESim as most are used to call it) would be greatly appreciated.

Re: LMS forum

Hello @iceblink & @rheeren -


Thanks for your suggestions. 


I am currently working with the LMS Team and I hope to have an area up and running shortly!





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Re: LMS forum


I'm also intrested about the AMEsim forum, are there any news if it is going to be set up.


Re: LMS forum

The LMS Forum will be online very soon, watch out in the coming weeks Smiley Happy

Re: LMS forum

In 2015 it was said that we we will have an LMS community. Is it up yet? I  can't seem to find it.

Re: LMS forum

[ Edited ]

@Bothwell we did have an LMS Community, which was merged with the Femap and NX Simulation communities to become Simcenter. There are different spaces to interact in depending on which application of LMS you're using.


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Re: LMS forum

Thanks Katie