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Layout of main page


i would like to make a few recommendations to the current design of the main community landing page.


1. Since the primary purpose of a forum area is to search for information I would like to recommend that you move the "Ask a question" section further down or off this page.


2. Move the community sections to the top of the page and move the New Solution section into the forum areas and off the landing page.


3. Do something about the display of the section bars that extend across the entire "frame" element when using the Full viewing option. I understand that on the mobile view having the full button makes it easier to select the area you want to navigate to. I feel that for the full veiwing option that you extend the hyperlink like you are doing on the mobile version or shorten it for the full version. You might want to poll the users to see how many users are using mobile devices or mobile viewing option to determine which style should hold higher priority.


4. The item count on the main sections is very misleading. As a user it appears that the "forum" areas do not contain content. The user is likely to jump to an alternate web source without actually navigating down into the community areas to expose the sub-groups and forums which contain the real content. My recommendation would be to shut the count off for this page...if possible.


5. Be consistent on you Community section headers and page layouts!

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