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Page Layout not loading consistently


This is most noticeable when clicking "Reply" on a post. The search bar and buttons get swapped around/stacked in several different ways. It differs even when simply hitting the back button on my browser and hitting "reply" again. See below picture.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Page Layout not loading consistently

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Community Admin

Hi Dylan,


What browser are you using? and can you confirm that the image just shows a header and nothing else? That is what I see but want to make sure. 


Last question, this happens with the reply button and not the quick reply, correct?




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Re: Page Layout not loading consistently


Gah sorry Susan, I thought I included this.


I am using Chrome, Version 32.0.1700.41. Yes, this is seen when using Reply, not Quick Reply.

The page only shows the header because that's all I took a screenshot of. The search bar on the right side of the screen in the header area is the only thing on the page that goes wonky.
-Dylan Gondyke
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