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Random Missing Answers & Comments

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Hi there team,


I've noticed that of late there have been answers and/or comments posted [in the Solid Edge portion anyway] of a the forum, and then someone else answers/comments with much the same thing. I thought I was going a bit nuts...but if I clicked the link to the new post on a topic, it indeed had none of the other comments, nor answer[s].

It took a few refreshes of the browser, and in some cases, a re-navigate from the start area to the topic I was looking at, from the list of open ones.


Is this something anyone else has noticed? It's random nature makes it difficult to point out. [try looking at the "Rail cut out problem" topic....I think this was the one that sparked my "maniacal episode". Robot LOL


EDIT: Actually...maybe it has something to do with the email notification links not linking to the most curent post's state. Have a look at this...


then this....

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST9 [MP8] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

I see the same thing Sean. I always refresh the page, too, or I intermittently get an 'old version' of the thread.


If it makes you feel better, the BBS board does the same thing under certain circumstances, though the dizzying formatting of this new board makes it harder for me to identify when it happens. 

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

The other thing that happens a lot is "timing out" while making a lengthy reply.


I, as everyone knows, like to include in my replies with videos or pictures. It's especially annoying when repressing to a New User's question, since  I'd prefer to use  a video since it can convey more information to those less familiar with Solid Edge.  But going off to create the video can take time. So when I finish writing my response and hit "POST", I'm told my session timed out... What freak'n Bullcrap


Who is charge of these dumb ideas?  I've stopped offer solutions in the Solid Edge "Questions and Answers" section primarily for this reason. If the the folks running this Community don't appreciate that people are "donating their time" to help others and aren't interested in a website that simply WASTES it!

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

@SeanCresswell - I think this is a matter of clicking the comment vs. clicking on the subject. If you look at your two URLs, you will see the difference I've bolded:






Your opinion on what you should click on has been noted and we will look into possibly making the email notifications more streamlined so you see everything and not just a single comment.


@BobMileti - Thanks for posting this here Smiley Happy I did send you a response in the BBS and saw that first but will post my reply here for everyone to see:


After some digging, I found a setting in the community called "Time limit for users to edit their posts (minutes)". This was set to 30 minutes. I've changed it to allow for 90 minutes. Will this suffice? 

What is more puzzling to me is that you lost everything. There is also a setting "Autosave interval (seconds)" that was set to 60. I've changed it to 30 to be safe. 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It is now fixed...just for you. Do you think my boss will accept "Diffused Mileti Moments" as part of my performance review 


If you find my post helpful, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

"Do you think my boss will accept "Diffused Mileti Moments" as part of my performance review "


I certainly hope so.


Yes I think 90 minutes is safe but I don't understand the need for this at all... this isn't! But thanks for doing this.  The problem of course is that MOST of the user have jobs NOT related to the SEC. So while writing a reply/post there can be frequent interruptions that need attention, so being able to walk a way for a period of time is necessary.


You can take the pins out of the Mileti Voodoo Doll now!



Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments


Just so you know... the **bleep** SEC timed out on me again. Turn the **bleep** "timeout" thing off until traffic is so high, it's hurting. I also can't find anywhere in my profile where to Autosave either.

This is simply horrible. I guess I'll need to write these replies elsewhere and then cut and paste until this is more user friendly.


Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

[ Edited ]

Bob, as a workaround, when you hit the timeout error you should be able to hit the 'Back' button in your browser and bring up the message text at the very least.


Susan, I don't believe Bob's problem is related to the Edit Post time (which is simply the time allotted to edit reply AFTER posting) or the Autosave time, but rather login timeouts/cookie issues/etc. Perhaps there are conflicts here if the forum sees Bob is checking from mobile and his desktop, etc. I know many people had heartache with that on the old forum with signins, whereas I only ever check from desktop on both forums and never have those issues....and I leave pending replies open for a long time when going on to do other things.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

Dylan... using the "BACK" button, at least in FireFox does NOT work... it's gone forever.


Me thinks this is just poor implementation by the web designers. They must be too busy right now making ObamaCare the train wreck it is.

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

Is this caused by the system of having both "answers" and "comments"? I've never seen a forum with a user-differentiated system like that. I think we should have just a "reply" button. Simplify the system, because many users will not use the more advanced features correctly, and blaming users for misusing a system that should be intuitive is pointless.

Retired Community Manager for Solid Edge. This account is no longer active.

Re: Random Missing Answers & Comments

After spending years on dozens of forums, I have to admit that even I question if I have expanded the right sections and seen all the replies (answers/comments)

-Dylan Gondyke