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Resize Code Window Vertically

When Inserting Code in a post, the window is resizable horizontally, but not vertically. Since most posted code is an extensive vertical chain, it would be very helpful if the window could be expanded vertically as well. 

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Resize Code Window Vertically

Hi Dylan,


Can you post a screen shot? In the New Message editor (and when I hit "Reply" to an existing post), I am able to resize the window by holding down the LMB on this: and dragging in downward.


Maybe this is not what you are seeing? Any further clarification would be helpful.





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Re: Resize Code Window Vertically

Susan, here is a video:


This is with the "Insert Code" button, not the actual message window...although now that you have brought that up, it is NOT FUN to have a nice, large, modern widescreen monitor, and not be able to resize that message window horizontally!!! I've never seen a community site or message board where the reply box cannot go full-width. 

-Dylan Gondyke