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Sign In and screen name!!!!!


I recently updated my iPad to iOS10 and then later when trying to log into this community, I was told my Screen Name was already in use.... pretty stupid since I had already had my Siemens Webkey name and password associated with the Screen Name Bob Mileti.... so after being reject a dozen times, I tried BobM and it let me in. But it now has a stupid Avatar that I can't change and I've lost all my earlier posts and my dopey "Prodigy and Kudos" rewards for Bob Mileti... how do you merge these two profiles and why is this so poorly designed?


I have tried to make these changes in "My Settings" to no avail.... why do web designers make life so more difficult for the rest of us?


And why is this "Community Suggestions" buried up a level in Siemens PLM Community and NOT on the Solid Edge forum?  Seems pretty silly to me, but not surprised since most web designers usually get so much of the importnat things wrong anyway.


Re: Sign In and screen name!!!!!

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin
@DavilJane - sorry this has been your experience! We have always used the Siemens Webkey for account management so I'm not sure what happened here.

We can merge accounts but I'd have to have proof to confirm you should have access to the @BobMileti account. It looks like it was accessed as recently as yesterday. Can you please send me a private message or email me at kaitlin.saxton[at] so that we can work this out?


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Re: Sign In and screen name!!!!!



No one should have access to my Account except me.... what is going on here?

Re: Sign In and screen name!!!!!

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Esteemed Contributor

RE: Why is this "Community Suggestions" buried up a level in Siemens PLM Community and NOT on the Solid Edge forum?


Because it's for everyone (NX, TC, Simcenter, etc., etc.).  Not just Solid Edge.

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