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Data could not be loaded, fleet manager




I just start to run my first demo in Mindsphere, proposed to connect Raspberry Pi and upload data to Mindsphere.


I am using node-red and @mindconnect/node-red-contrib-mindconnect


So far, everything is showing OK, but I can't see my data displayed in the fleet manager.


Can I ask your help to draw me some light, please?




In case you may want to know my setup:

Agent set up: data-linked




Node-red: you can see the response from Mindsphere is 'OK'




const values =
[ {"timestamp":new Date().toISOString(),"values":[{"dataPointId":"xxxx","value":(msg.payload).toString(),"qualityCode":"0"}]} ]
msg.payload = values;
return msg;


Agent Diagnostic: no error 




What I have in the fleet manager:

fleet manager_2019-06-09_13-58-23.png


Show no data for the selected time range (last hour), actually I have been running this demo since last night, so there should be enough data to show.


I created a manual event to test the reading of a slice of timeframe, but there is no number showing up.






Re: Data could not be loaded, fleet manager



Do you still have this problem, I am sorry that I overlooked it, usually these questions are asked in the developer forum.

Re: Data could not be loaded, fleet manager


Hi @darthsn0wcat , thanks for showing up.


The problem has semi-solved by the MindSphere support.


The root cause is:  I have defined a variable name  - 'current_user' is conflicting with the system reserved variable names.


That is why all data are delivered into the Mindsphere, but can't query them in 'fleet manager', because the API confused the definition of the variable name.


Short-term solution: change the variable name to another name


Long-term solution: I am asking to have a list of the reserved variable name, so we can avoid them. However, so far I have not received the list of the reserved variable name. Would you think this is something you can address? 


Thanks again 




Re: Data could not be loaded, fleet manager

I will create an issue for this and try to update documentation both for MindSphere and also for node as well. Smiley Happy I am glad that support could help you Smiley Happy

Re: Data could not be loaded, fleet manager



I did a bit more digging in this and also asked a few colleagues (thanks Frank!)


There is a (very well hidden) list of reserved variable names in the developer documentation:


name* string
minLength: 1
maxLength: 64
pattern: [a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*
example: temperature
Name of the variable. Once set cannot be changed. 

Reserved words (id, name, description, tenant, etag, scope,
properties, propertySets, extends, variables, aspects, parentTypeId)

cannot be used as variable names.

However, current_user is not one of them, so i think that the documentation here is still incomplete.


We will look into it.

Re: Data could not be loaded, fleet manager


Thanks for your effort to investigate this issue.


Hopefully, we will have one full list of reserved variable names soon, which can guide us pass the minefield safelyCat Wink



Re: Data could not be loaded, fleet manager


There is also another "very well hidden" link in the documentation:


The application does not use any reserved keywords in request bodies and API endpoints.


Here the CURRENT_USER is listed.