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Event View Web Component - Change Data Source


Hello everybody,


I am developing the fontend side of my app and I am using the web components provided by MindSphere to speed up the development and to keep the MindSphere design.

I am trying to show events with the Event View Component ( The purpose is to display a custom set of events coming to the frontend from a custom API, but I could not find a way to show these data in the table of the Event View Component.

Is there an easy way to input directly to the Web Component an array of objects (my custom events) that is not coming from a MindSphere asset, but that are available in the frontend?


Thank you in advance for your help


Re: Event View Web Component - Change Data Source


Not sure if I got your question correctly...

Do you just want to use a table with MindSphere design and display your content?


With the event-view this is not possible. Its focus is to work together with the eventmanagement api. Currently you cannot push own data to this table view.




Re: Event View Web Component - Change Data Source

Thanks for the reply, gabe.

Exactly, I would like to recyle quickly the frontend components (HTML tags and css styles) of the table without rewriting every component by hand, but uploading custom data retrieved from the backend of my application.

At the moment I have implemented the frontend components by myself. However, it would be great to have access to the web components as if they were a library, in order to display also custom data.

Kind regards,