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Fleet Manager Queries


Hi everyone,

We are newbies on Mindsphere and purchased a small developer license. Exploring the features of Fleet Manger and came across certain questions as below:


  1. I can see my data points (temperature, pressure) in aspects extension tab. Is there any way I can separate out the graphs individually for both the data points ? One graph for each.
  2. In datetime picker I can see two time-zones. One is UTC and another is based on browser location. Can I add more time-zones into this list ?
  3. I can see the past data using this datetime picker. Is there any limit defined like how long I can traversed back. ?  I can go to 50 years back too. I can’t see anything related to this on documentation.
  4. Last but not the least, can I see the data of more then one asset into fleet manager ? Support I can see three assets in parallel on asset navigation screen. Can I see the data of all of these assets into one graph or individual graph or some other sort ?

Thanks and best regards

Divya Garg


Re: Fleet Manager Queries


Hi @divgcet,


1. by default Fleet Manager shows one chart per aspect.
In Visual Analyzer, which extends Fleet Manager with some functionality you can create virtual aspects. Here you can re-arange variables virtually. See more in the documentation.

"The created virtual aspects are shown in Visual Analyzer and are displayed within Fleet Manager."


2. This utc/browser time dropdown is fixed and cannot be changed at the moment.


3. Currently the datetimerange picker is not limited.


4. This is not yet supported.


Kind regards,