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How to set up background worker in the backend


I want to set up a background worker that can be triggered

a) by a timer (e.g. every 10 seconds)

b) by an event 

c) by a file upload (could probably also be handled by a) )

and then run through some custom analysis task (in express.js).

Background worker means that there is no necessity of a frontend/user beeing connected to it while running.


Visual Flow Creator and the underlying Data Flow API  go in this direction but seem to be able to do rather easy jobs (called processors in MindSphere), not complex user defined analysis functions involving libraries.

--> Is it possible to define workers directly by using e.g. Spring? Or is there a recommondation?

--> Is this supported by the OAuth API?

--> Is there a How-To  that runs on MindSphere?



Re: How to set up background worker in the backend