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MindAccess Developer test data?

We are currently considering the MindAccess Developer "S" package to use as a "sand box" to get started.  Does the Developer instance include any sample/test data that we could use to build an initial app?  I understand we would use the MindConnect product to upload (future) operational machine data, but given that we don't yet have that set up with any of our partner clients, do we need to order MindConnect equipment now to have data available for our test purposes? 


Re: MindAccess Developer test data?

This is a common requirement from many of our developers and our team is already working on a solution. We cannot provide you with test data at the moment but I am hoping we are able to change that with some of the upcoming versions.

Re: MindAccess Developer test data?

Thanks @dvidflrmnd - we do have some sample test data, in CSV file format.  Would it be possible to write that into MindSphere data store?  Been reading about the MindConnect Lib for other device support, but we still wouldn't have actual HW, just the sample data coming off of it.

Re: MindAccess Developer test data?

This is not yet possible @Mcadb_IoT but we will soon provide sample data for developers to get started without having real machines connected to your tenant.