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Self-hosted application and App Credentials

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We are using a low-code platform (not Mendix) for developing our IIoT applications. But still we have not deployed any of them to an IoT Value Plan. To ensure that it will work as planned I have some questions to assure that I have understood the self-hosted concept correctly.

And as we have not yet obtained an Operator Plan, I have not been able to test this. We also have to purchase Outbound Traffic Upgrade.

Our application is a web application. As the low-code platform utilize Progressive Web Apps technology, the user will have a link to the application on his mobile home screen (and it will look and feel like a regular mobile app). But it can also be reached as a regular web application from the browser. To obtain a link on the home screen on the phone the user need to go the web page and will then be asked if he/she wants to add the web application the home screen.

The user will not have to register a MindSphere user as we will manage the users in our own system. Therefore we need to access the data using the concept of App Credentials.

As I understand it, we will only have one set of App Credentials per application. And to obtain a token we will utilize the Token Management Service (.../oauth/token). To get the correct token for each IoT Value plan we need to provide information about appName, appVersion, hostTenant and userTeneant in the body, and the Basic Auth key generated from the App Credentials.

The low-code platform have a solution for storing the App Credentials encrypted on the server, and this will of course not be possible to access for any of the users. We will need to schedule a service for obtaining the token every 30 minute.

My questions:
Are there anything I have described here that is wrong/not possible?
Are there anything more I need to take into consideration?


Re: Self-hosted application and App Credentials

As long as you are not planning to call any MindSphere APIs from the client but only from the server side it should (probably) work Smiley Happy