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Unable to access App from multiple tenants



We have an App which is pushed by Operator to two IoT tenants. From one tenant, we are able to access it without any issues.


On the second tenant we are getting below error:


main.min.js? [sm]:450 XHR failed loading: GET "".

a @ main.min.js? [sm]:450

(anonymous) @ main.min.js? [sm]:1

n @ main.min.js? [sm]:405

(anonymous) @ main.min.js? [sm]:754

requests.js:1916 error..{"data":[{"logref":"6403207ce7c6432691346f372e798bf4","message":"MindSphere Gateway error: Failed to perform POST on TokenExchange! Reason: 403 null. The client secret of the application is not valid. Please contact with the support team to fix the issue.","stackTrace":""}],"status":403,"config":{"method":"GET","transformRequest":[null],"transformResponse":[null],"jsonpCallbackParam":"callback","headers":{"credentials":"include","x-xsrf-token":"f89669ca-63fe-4052-abf2-64d55106158a","origin":"","Accept":"application/json, text/plain, */*","X-XSRF-TOKEN":"f89669ca-63fe-4052-abf2-64d55106158a"},"url":"/api/assetmanagement/v3/assets/root"},"statusText":"","xhrStatus":"complete"}

angular.js:13562 XHR failed loading: GET "".


What could be the reason?



Secondly, our application backend calls to another python app APIs to get some data. We have hosted it in one Dev Space as we did not think it makes sense to do multiple deployments of the background service app.


Is this right approach?