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Visual Explorer: How to display data from diffrent sources in one chart?


We are building dashboards in Visual Explorer to visualize our data from MindSphere. Now we want to create a chart, which shows the long term trend (one year) of a variable, but also current data (not older than some hours).

As Visual Explorer Connector only allows a refresh rate of "once a week" for data of a whole year, we created three data sources, which all reads the same variables, but for different time ranges:

datasource_long_term: data of the last 365 days, refreshing once a week

datasource_mid_term: data of the last 7 days, refreshing once per day

datasource_short_term: data of the last 24 hours, refreshing each 30 minutes


For most of the visualization one of these data sources does the job, but when creating a line chart to visualize the long term evolution of a variable we do not have the measured values of the last days (up to one week). So our question is: How is it possible to combine data from different data sources to visualize them in one chart?


We tried this with the standard connection of data sources within Visual Explorer, but as the dimension "_time" has to be combined it cannot be used as horizontal axis for the chart. Also if we insert the variable from different data sources into the chart, the time range is limited to the time range of the main data source.


Any tips are highly appreciated.