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Where to find these credentials and what is different between them??


What is different between  MDSP_KEY_STORE_CLIENT_ID and  MINDSPHERE_CLIENT_ID and others as present in document.


According to document we can get MDSP_KEY_STORE_CLIENT_ID  and MDSP_KEY_STORE_CLIENT_SECRET from Developer Cockpit Authorization Managment .


I am unable to find MDSP_HOST_TENANT and MDSP_USER_TENANT  and  if it's different then from where we can get these  MINDSPHERE_CLIENT_ID , MINDSPHERE_CLIENT_SECRET ,MINDSPHERE_TENANT








Re: Where to find these credentials and what is different between them??

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

MindSphere SDK supports fetching 2 types of technical tokens:

  1. Using App Credentials
    1. MDSP_KEY_STORE_CLIENT_ID and MDSP_KEY_STORE_CLIENT_SECRET - Can be obtained from Developer Cockpit (
    2. MDSP_OS_VM_APP_NAME annd MDSP_OS_VM_APP_VERSION - Your application name version
    3. MDSP_HOST_TENANT and MDSP_USER_TENANT - Your tenant name. Both of these values will be same in developer environment
  2. Using Tenant Credentials
    1. MINDSPHERE_CLIENT_ID and MINDSPHERE_CLIENT_SECRET - Can be obtained by requesting by raising a request with the GTAC team or MindSphere Support team as mentioned
    2. MINDSPHERE_TENANT - Your Tenant name.


The difference between App Credentials and Tenant Credentials :

  1. They are different sets of credentials using which a technical token can be obtained. Using this technical token, MindSphere services can be accessed.
  2. The scopes for App Credentials can be configured using the 'Application Roles and Scopes' in Developer Cokcpit :

           The scopes for Tenant Credentials will be added/modified by the Support team.


Hope this helps.