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cloud foundry microservices deployment


Hi all, 


I have sucessfully deployed an application (angular+springboot) into mindsphere. now i need to seperate them into microservices. (app, API, Business Logic, etc..) I wanna findout followings


1. Is it possible to deploy microservices in mindsphere cloud foundry. If yes, please send a documentation link

2. Do siemens recommends this approach.

3. How does the pricing model effects 

4. Any Other implications 


Thanks in advance.


Re: cloud foundry microservices deployment


From your question I'm not exactly sure how you have structured and deployed your app at the moment. I have shared some ideas and links below which hopefully might help you.


You can create one app (one source code repository) which contains multiple components (eg a frontend, backend data service, analytics engine etc). Using one manifest.yml in the route of the app folder you can deploy each of these components in a single cf push. Each components can use a different buildpack if you wish.


Links to support this...


MindSphere recommended appraoch...


How to use a single manifest file for multiple components...


12 factors also as a guiding principle in many areas but with regards the above particularly factor 1...

Re: cloud foundry microservices deployment


@Rob_M, i found link  helpful to solve this query. 


I tried to call external web api through my ui (configured csp - connect-src as well). it seems like its not allowed. (link confirms it) is my understanding correct?