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Digital Transformations

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As manufacturing becomes increasingly global, not going digital could kill your company. Learn how one company, Nexteer, is using its digital strategy...
Human inattention is already a big problem on the road. How could that change with autonomous cars, and what work is being done to address this?
Generative design, a new capability in product development and management applications, compounds the benefits of additive manufacturing processes.
The shared synergies and challenges of aerospace and automotive are being brought closer together through the digital twin and digital thread.
As companies work out how autonomous technology works in cars, the focus will shift to the cars' interior. What could a “living room on wheels” look l...
Siemens has a history of leading traffic management, all the way back to the first traffic light. How will that experience guide a connected future?
Here’s how manufacturers are using algorithms in nature as inspiration for how they approach manufacturing in Industry 4.0.
To shrink the skills gap, you have to take a closer look at what’s causing it and identify the specific actions you must take so employees can succeed...
Digitally integrated machine shops are better equipped to grow than those relying on outdated, siloed technology.