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Digital Transformations

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Electronic component analysis via digitalization can optimize autonomous and electrical vehicle performance.
Autonomous cars present new opportunities for car companies and government regulators to revisit road safety.
Design, simulate and verify the digital twin of a circuit board for optimum thermal performance.
Learn how autonomous, electric vehicles will make final mile delivery easier in urban areas.
Design, simulate and verify the digital twin of a 3D PCB design for optimum performance in the real world.
How can automakers meet the challenge to reduce costs, increase range and gain customer acceptance?
A circuit layout design with the right digital applications can save you millions in product liability costs.
As companies race to create new breeds of vehicles, flying cars aren't as far-fetched as you may think.
Integrated development processes are critical to design, simulate and verify circuit boards in future vehicles.
Integrated simulation and digitalization are critical to achieve higher safety and durability standards.