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Digital Transformations

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Heavy equipment manufacturers face plenty of challenges. What technology can help them remain competitive?
Machine learning is empowering the use of innovative tools for chip design technology.
Learn how 3D printing, via additive manufacturing, is revolutionizing the printing of both molds and parts.
Engineering moves beyond the classroom to innovative academic methods for learning.
Modern manufacturing is optimizing quality and cost with smart manufacturing.
Learn how deploying system simulation speeds up design processes.
Generative design effectively integrates the advanced technologies required for autonomous vehicles.
The Siemens' academic program works with educational institutions at every grade level to encourage students by providing exposure to online engineeri...
Thermal simulation software helps bring electricity to homes and comfort to our arenas. Discover the unique ways simulation is being used.
Thermal simulation helps cold chain logistics deliver food to the table. But there more ways simulation can be used. Learn more.