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Digital Transformations

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V2I communication and safety systems could accelerate the practical use of autonomous cars.
Autonomous vehicles are experiencing growing pains as consumers ask, are these cars safe?
  How will communication change between autonomous cars and humans?
How will the industry's engineering culture change as it works on autonomous cars?
What challenges must automakers overcome to mass-produce autonomous cars?
Where does the biggest need for development exist in autonomous cars, and what role could systems of systems play in the future?
A deadly accident involving an autonomous car and pedestrian has put a dark mark on autonomous cars.
The auto industry is trying to figure out how hardware and software will work together in autonomous cars.
The auto industry isn’t the first to explore how automation could improve safety. What lessons could they learn from the aerospace industry about this...
As connectivity becomes a bigger part of road infrastructure, car ownership could go the way of the horse. How should designers and engineers prepare?