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Digital Transformations

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Municipalities are hesitant to spend money on V2I, but some experts think the safety gains for drivers on the road are worth every penny.
Human inattention is already a big problem on the road. How could that change with autonomous cars, and what work is being done to address this?
As companies work out how autonomous technology works in cars, the focus will shift to the cars' interior. What could a “living room on wheels” look l...
Siemens has a history of leading traffic management, all the way back to the first traffic light. How will that experience guide a connected future?
Adding driverless cars to the road won’t solve increasing traffic congestion, but connected cars could play a big role in creating more efficient traf...
Driver inattention is already a major problem on the road. How could that evolve as autonomous cars hit the market?
Stories about automakers working on autonomous cars frequently make the news, but there’s an important part of the conversation we hear little about.
How will our conversation about cars of the future change within the next few years? This Thought Leader gives us a hint.