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Digital Transformations

Integrated development processes are critical to design, simulate and verify circuit boards in future vehicles.
When you fully leverage MES, you can more easily forecast avoidable mistakes and evaluate and improve product output.
The future of flight is changing as communications tech and the drone airworthiness continue to advance.
Integrated simulation and digitalization are critical to achieve higher safety and durability standards.
What should businesses know about the future of AI and how to adopt the technology?
What tools can help develop the battery and architecture for the driverless electric vehicle?
Learn how companies are combining electronics and software to create the next generation of smart sports equipment.
Learn how 3D printing technology is being used by candymakers, sporting goods providers and seafarers.
Learn how 3D scanning can help you address the long-tail problem for mass-produced obsolete parts.
Use the wrong systems in autonomous vehicles and watch the car drive itself into a tree or a person!