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Digital Transformations

New materials and production processes will have a major impact on engineers and how they design cars in the future. This expert explains how.
Leading OEMs streamline product development by reducing compliance mandates and simplifying required data deliverables from partners and suppliers.
We asked one expert to tell us about the changes he sees in the automotive industry as companies contend with future cars. Here’s what he had to say.
With Convergent Modeling, facetted models can be used directly in CAD functions instead of first undergoing the surfacing step. Here’s how.
This cautionary tale of a humidifier wreaking havoc on a company illustrates why systems engineering is a necessity instead of an option.
The days of collaborating in one location are gone. Most OEMs struggle, chiefly when suppliers have design responsibility. How do OEMs improve this?
By connecting all global supply chain Big Data sources in a groundbreaking way, Omneo enhances analytics for customers in an effective, fast solution.
PLM is the foundation of a complete digital transformation, so Siemens PLM plays a crucial role in how digitalization is changing industries.
The digital twin transforms product development and manufacturing. What key information should you know about the digital twin for your business?
We’ve heard about the threat automation and robotics pose to employees, but they actually boost growth and prosperity for companies and employees.