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Digital twin capabilities in Siemens PLM products and solutions

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Siemens Theorist

By: Dave Taylor, Vice President of Global Marketing 


Siemens is in a unique position to provide customers with what they need to create digital twins of their products, production processes and performance and to connect intelligence from those digital twins through the digital thread.

If you find a problem with your product using the production or performance digital twins, you can fix the problem much faster because systems are connected via the digital thread.

No other company can offer the same kind of value because they’re missing vital pieces to make up the digital twin. Some companies offer a product and performance digital twin, but they have no production digital twin; others offer a performance and production digital twin, but no product digital twin. These missing pieces limit your ability to connect information or gain real value from the digital twins and digital thread in your processes, and they won’t help you rise above your competitors.

Siemens understands the importance of real value, so we ensure you can have digital twins of your products, production processes and performance fully connected through the digital thread. That’s why our products and solutions make the Siemens digital twin and digital thread capabilities the best in the market.

Here’s a sampling of the capabilities you can use to build the best digital twins and digital thread for your business needs, and the Siemens PLM Software products and solutions to support them. 


Generative design. Generative design lets designers define critical aspects that should be used to identify the most cost effective designs for what you want to build. Capabilities in the Solid Edge 3D and NX product development solutions use your criteria to compute more geometric solutions much faster than traditional design methods. Results can then be sent for manufacturing on 3D printers, or you can keep refining them. 


Intelligent models. Intelligent models are an important part of a digital twin powered by Siemens because they evolve through a product or production process’s lifecycle, depending on which digital twin you need. These models can maintain the necessary information to optimize themselves not just for how they’ll be built, but also for how they’ll perform. A number of things can go into intelligent models, including – 


  • 3D CAD modeling. The capabilities in 3D CAD modeling let you create and edit geometry for your products and production systems much faster than traditional methods. NX for Design provides robust support for those capabilities.

  • System models and systems driven product development. Having a collaborative support platform enables systems driven product development (SDPD). You can bring together all knowledge from the multiple domains in your processes into one location your authorized users can access, no matter where they’re located in your organization or in the world. 

  • Bill of Material and Digital Mockup. As your company strives to innovate and still manage product complexity, you need a common source of bill of material (BOM) information that can be accessed across your business. This is a crucial part to how you will virtually define your products and physically deliver them. Teamcenter BOM Management connects your products’ virtual and physical definitions so you can validate your products and ensure the designs you’ve made are the ones that will be built. 

  • 1D, 2D and 3D analysis models using CAE. The Simcenter portfolio includes tools to let you combine 1D, 2D and 3D CAE models. This combination of physics-based simulations and data analysis help you optimize your designs and get your products to market faster: you can predict performance earlier in the process and throughout the product or production system’s lifecycle. 

  • Digital software design and testing using ALM. Application lifecycle management (ALM) is key to making sure your application development goes smoothly. Polarion helps you define, build, test and manage your application development using only one software platform.

  • Electronics design. Siemens PLM Software’s recent acquisition of Mentor Graphics will give customers the capabilities they need to create a comprehensive multiphysics, electronic digital twin solution.


Smart products. The Smart Innovation Portfolio helps your company digitalize its business processes and create a fully digital enterprise with digital twins and a digital thread. The Smart Innovation Portfolio gives you what you need to deliver smart, realized products, which are achieved when you integrate your virtual product definitions and your production execution. 


Machine learning and Big Data analytics. Machine learning uses algorithms to learn from data and help machines perform specific tasks. Big Data is key in the machine learning process, so you need to be able to gain meaningful insight from analyzing that Big Data. Omneo’s Big Data analytics capabilities are flexible, robust and customizable so you fulfill your current and future analytics needs. 


Additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing requires an integrated design, simulation and digital manufacturing system so you can easily design and print parts. If you can eliminate the need to continually translate and remodel your designs and parts using multiple applications, you’ll be in an even better position. Siemens solutions can help your design (NX 11), simulation (Simcenter) and 3D printing processes be easy and effective for additive manufacturing. 


Advanced robotics. Being able to automate more processes using industrial robot programming will save your company time and money building the products, which in turn helps you get your products to market more quickly and with higher quality. Tecnomatix enhances manufacturing simulation for programming these advanced robots, and Tecnomatix’s Process Simulate and Plant Simulation tools help you complete virtual commissioning throughout your manufacturing process.

Cloud technology. Being able to get to market faster and having a flexible process to do that helps companies not just realize innovation, but realize that innovation faster than the competition. Having cloud technology to support your digital twins and digital thread will help your company get there, and our cloud solutions include Omneo, Teamcenter, Cloud-Enabled Solid Edge and Mindsphere to ensure you’re taking full advantage of cloud technology’s business applications in your digital twins.


Hi, what about NX Manufacturing (milling, drilling, turning, ...) . How do you relate it to the digital twin?