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The business value of a digital twin

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By: Dave Lauzun, Vice President of Automotive and Transportation Strategy, and Dave Riemer, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Strategy

A digital twin is a dynamic set of smart models to help you virtually design, validate and optimize a physical product, production process or performance. But the digital twin isn’t a new concept - it’s been around for decades. The value of a digital twin has recently grown, however, because of how digital twins work with the digital thread to provide new information and insights your company never had until now.


The digital thread connects information from your product, production or performance digital twins, allowing you to gain insight into what’s happening so you can deliver the best products to the market faster than your competitors.


As your company implements the digital twins and digital threads through its business processes, you’ll begin to realize these benefits. 


Cost savings. When digital twins have high fidelity, you can accomplish much more in the virtual world before you ever physically build a single part. As companies evolve to do more virtual testing, evaluation and analysis, the virtual validation happens much faster and cheaper because digital twins provide more than analysis: it can simulate processes, plants and the services to support each.

The value of a digital twin will also come through as your company completes physical tests alongside the virtual tests. If you’re in an industry, such as aerospace or automotive, which requires physical tests to verify the part’s performance, an accurate digital twin and integrated digital thread will ensure that the part passes the tests and performs as intended.

The key to passing those tests lies in the digital twin and your virtual representation. You can use those results from your digital twins to virtually change your products and make sure they’re right the first time they hit the shop floor and the market. Your company saves time and money when products are right the first time: you won’t need to continue expensive physical tests or make expensive updates to your products or production processes.


Quality. Quality can bury any company in today’s market. One major quality mistake can put a company completely out of business for good.

The more you use digital twins and digital threads in your business processes, and the better the digital twins you have, the better the quality of your product or production system.

By frequently using digital twins and the digital thread in your business processes, you’ll have more accurate information to virtually update your products, production and performance.


Confidence in results. The digital twin isn’t new - but it is rapidly improving. As digital twins have higher fidelity, and as the digital thread ties together more information to tell you why something is happening, you can rely on the value of a digital twin to give you confidence in the results you see from your work.

The digital thread. The major reason that companies are realizing more value from their digital twins is that digital twins can now seamlessly connect with the digital thread. With the digital thread, you gain tremendous insight into your product and designs to give your employees the right information they need to do their jobs. The ability to virtually see and understand why something is happening is something few companies can do today – meaning your company has a big competitive advantage. 


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