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What is a digital twin?

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Siemens Theorist

By: Tom Maurer, Senior Director of Strategy


What is a digital twin? 

A digital twin is a cross-domain digital model that accurately represents a product, production process or performance of a product or production system in operation.


The digital twin evolves and continuously updates to reflect any change to the physical counterpart throughout the counterpart’s lifecycle, creating a closed-loop of feedback in a virtual environment that offers companies the best possible design for their products and production processes. 


What is a digital twin? Precise. For the best results and most accurate performance predictions, it’s critical that the digital twin have the highest degree of precision and fidelity.

By incorporating multiphysics simulation capabilities, the digital twin is a predictive analytics tool used to determine the performance characteristics of products and production systems. Your products and production systems can be consistently optimized as the digital twin receives performance information from the field (product) or the factory (production system).

Elements of the digital twin are integrated through a digital thread, which connects data and intelligent models throughout your product and production equipment’s lifecycles to help you understand why something is happening, and also to help you make future decisions faster.


What is a digital twin? Comprehensive. The digital twin can be used throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, manufacturing process or production system. For the greatest benefits, you need a comprehensive digital twin to look across your entire digital enterprise so you have the ability to create precise digital representations of the product, so you can predict performance characteristics; your production, so you can plan your production with process and plant simulation, and; your operational performance, so you gain the ability to learn what products and plants tell you while in operation.

Siemens believes in a holistic approach that, with intelligent models and a closed-loop digital thread, leads to insight with actionable impact. The digital twin’s end-to-end use can last through the design, manufacturing, operation, feedback and updates until the physical counterpart’s end-of-life. 


What is a digital twin? A source of information for closed-loop action. You can use information gathered throughout the life of a product, production process or system to improve future predictive engineering simulations, performance test data and analytics insight. This insight from product and production performance analytics can also be used to transform maintenance so it’s predictive and condition-based rather than scheduled.

The digital thread. The digital thread of the holistic digital twin weaves together the tapestry of information created throughout the lifecycle, verifying past and supporting future actions. This connectivity and the ability to tell you why something is happening is something unique: only Siemens can offer this connectivity.


What is a digital twin: additional information

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