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Why Siemens digital twin capabilities are the best in the market

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Siemens Dreamer

By: Dave Riemer, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense Strategy, and Dave Lauzun, 

Vice President of Automotive and Transportation Strategy


The breadth and depth of the Siemens digital twin leads the industry today, and it will continue leading in the future. Siemens is in a unique position no one else in the market can compete with. Other companies can offer digital twins to customers, but no one else is able to provide the high fidelity of a Siemens digital twin or the ability to connect information from digital twins.

We offer customers CAE tools, design tools, mechanical CAD tools, manufacturing tools, shop floors, ALM, and much more, and we can connect information from all of these domains using a seamless digital thread to give your company tremendous insight into your products and designs.

Breadth and depth of Siemens digital twin capabilities. Lots of companies will talk about the digital twin, but only a Siemens digital twin can break through the buzz and provide major advantages for your company.

You can’t have a digital twin unless you have a digital twin of all hardware, electronic and software domains: you simply don’t have an accurate digital twin unless you have all of those domains covered. 


Only Siemens has a full suite to cover all of those needs for our customers. The breadth of a Siemens digital twin comes through product simulations, plant simulations, manufacturing process simulations and maintenance simulations. Our products and solutions enable full virtual verification the entire products lifecycle before you ever build a product.

The breadth of Siemens covers the complete array of multi-physics simulations either in 1D or 3D domains. With Siemens optimization technology, you're able to perform everything from topological optimization of a component to complete multi-physics system optimization. Our ability to offer CAE, simulations and design optimizations is next to none in the market. 


Siemens is also the only company with the ability to extend the digital twin all the way to the shop floor with our CNC controllers. Our products and solutions help you move beyond simulating a controller. Using Siemens products and solutions you can go well beyond simulation, you can actually virtually commission a machine on the shop floor, like a robot, to do exactly what you want it to do – and be confident that it will perform and behave the way you want it to – all before ever needing to build a physical version of it. This significantly reduces commissioning time and cost. 


Competitive advantages with the Siemens digital twin. Siemens is the best at helping you design products and plants because we design products and plants using Siemens software – and we’re better at simulating manufacturing because we actually manufacture.

When we discuss the value of the digital twin and the digital thread, we have first-hand experience with it because we’ve put the digital twin and digital thread into practice in our own company. Others in the market will produce software, but Siemens is unique in that our company actually uses the products, manufacturing tools and shop floors/controllers we deliver to the market for our customers.

We’re in a unique position that no one else in the market can touch, which allows us to deliver a digital twin that gives you the competitive advantage you need to get ahead. 


Why Siemens digital twin capabilities are the best in the market: additional information

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